Nursing Home Staff:

"Overall a very fun and effective pilot to work with our families on!

Thank you so much for the opportunity. I know the families really found

it valuable for visiting with their loved ones and provided them with an opportunity to fill the quiet time of their visits with meaningful conversation & memories."

Revera Staff Member, Canada

"Overall I believe this is a wonderful program. It really helps us to get to know our residents. I really enjoyed doing this pilot." 

Revera Staff Member, Canada

Family Caregivers:

"This is a fantastic app. My mother is loving the life storybook. I love the feature of being able to video her watching and sending it to family. I am extremely grateful for the app. My mother has enjoyed it and it has allowed us to share many good laughs."

–Ileana P.


"This is what I dreamed existed...to help stimulate and reinforce life moments."

–Dr. Margaret A. Yard, PhD


"We ended up getting an iPad just to use GreyMatters and my mother really likes the app. It was easy for me to set up and my mom uses it every morning while she waits for the bus to daycare. She looks for it herself which is great."

–Melanie L.

"We are going to do this for my husband – I will purchase an Apple product just for this. This is a wonderful app!"

–Elaine O.