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Jenny Rozbruch is the Founder, CEO & Designer of GreyMatters.
A graphic designer by trade, Jenny began working on GreyMatters

as her master’s thesis project in the School of Visual Arts MFA Design program. The app was inspired by Jenny's late grandmother, Frieda, who suffered from vascular dementia for over six years, and received care from her family and professional aides. Despite Frieda’s loss of short term memory & independent functioning, Jenny witnessed how her long term memory and spirit could be drawn out dramatically through simple activities like looking through photos from her youth, listening to familiar music, and hearing her life story told back to her. Jenny set out to create a product that would make it easier to tap into these remaining–yet often hidden–abilities in people with dementia, and help family members of all ages connect with their loved ones.

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Special Thanks To:

Kel Smith - Principal, Anikto LLC; Expert in Digital Accessibility

Dr. Evan Schwalbe, PhD, ABN - Board Certified Neuropsychologist, trained in Geriatric Neuropsychology

Matt Kudish, LMSW - Senior Vice President of Caregiver Services, CaringKind (Formerly known as the
Alzheimer's Association, NYC Chapter)

Dr. Elizabeth A. Vassey, PsyD - Alzheimer's Disease Expert; Associate Director, Boston Center for Memory

Kevin Jameson - Chairman of the Board, President & Founder of the Dementia Society of America

Jodie Berman - Program Director, Hearthstone Alzheimer Care

Dr. Terri Katz, MD - Internist & Geriatrician

Steven Heller & Lita Talarico - Co-Chairs, SVA MFA Design Program

Marsha Rozbruch - Family Caregiver